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How to Use Interactives to Get More Leads at Trade Shows

We all want interactives on our stands that generate visitor excitement (and let’s be honest… You want to make your space more exciting than your competition). But there’s no point having engagement pieces just for the sake of it. You need to select the right type of...

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6 Common Exhibit Design Mistakes to Avoid

As a recovering perfectionist there are many things I still struggle with… At home, I can’t go to sleep unless our wardrobe doors are all closed off neatly. (I'm convinced hubby leaves them open on purpose to watch me squirm). At work, inbox zero is the norm... and...

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7 Ways to Ramp Up Your Authenticity at Exhibitions

You know when you’re at a car dealership and even though you COULD read a spec board (or Google reviews on your phone) but you want to talk to a real person? It’s not that you want to build rapport with a human in a suit. You want a salesperson, who you have...

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Beyond the Basics of Staff Training for Exhibitions

You know when you’re on a phone call with someone and you can tell they’re typing… Isn’t it just THE most annoying thing in the world? Or worse, they’re texting while standing directly in front of you. It's distracting and just plain rude. I did once witness a...

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How (Not) to Stuff Up a Shell Scheme

When is a standard, run-of-the-mill anything ever something we honestly dream about? Don’t tell me you drift off at night envisaging yourself bumbling along in a 93 Corolla? … That’s ridiculous - Of course, you want the growl of a Ferrari! Who wouldn’t? It’s waaay...

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Why I Never Recommend the First Stand at a Show

Many people think there’s an element of prestige that comes with being the first stand visitors stumble across at show. That somehow by being “first cab off the rank” it makes them better than others. This assumption is… Hmm? Well, I want to call it out as a bit of...

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Influencing Behaviour with Design

Everyday we are influenced by design. There are so many things that impact our behaviour by appealing to our subconscious minds. When I stop to actually think about it I can't help but feel like some kind of puppet. It's crazy to realise they impact WHAT we do, THINK...

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Turning Your Exhibit into an Experiential Experience

Many people think experiential is reserved purely for the big end of town with deep pockets. But, what if... We're doing this experiential stuff without realising? In a trade show environment you're really already part way there... You have your audience and they're...

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The Beginners Guide to Touch Screens for Exhibitions

You find yourself waiting for your a conference call to start. ... You could just sit and look out the window. But instead, you get your iPhone out to look up the ingredients for tonight's chicken cacciatore. You feel a sense of accomplishment as you quickly make a...

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Small Exhibits with BIG Impact

The size of your stand space doesn't limit the potential of your creative output Why do people short change themselves as "only having a 3x3"? It's said as if they're ashamed of their booth space! Maybe when they talk to custom exhibit builders like us they think they...

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Hello! I’m Jess the Tradeshow Strategist

The best part of my job is seeing that special moment when the penny drops for my clients. It’s seeing their faces the moment they realise they’re in control of the results they achieve.

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