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Not Sure What Type Of Exhibit To Get?

Whether you choose a re-usable exhibit or opt for a single use stand (a.k.a build and burn) is truly an individual decision. There are a lot of misconceptions around the re-usable trade show stand option and so this post is all about sharing some of the details to...

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Brand Awareness as an Expo Goal

If your primary goal at a tradeshow is brand awareness, I’d stay at home! Let’s face it, brand awareness is a pretty standard issue answer and if you can change this one thing about your exhibit campaign. By making this primary objective more laser focused, you will...

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How to Conquer Your Next Expo on a Budget

Exhibiting sometimes gets a bad rap for being expensive, but there’s also a distinguished group of exhibitors who get an overwhelming response and their expo's are an intergral part of their marketing mix because of it.  This is not down to luck.  Don’t be...

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How to Supercharge Your Expo Brief for Amazing Results

After you make the decision to get a professional exhibit designer to help you with your trade show stand, the very next thing you have to do is whip up a brief. Boy do we see a lot of briefs... Good ones and pretty poor ones.There is one more category though - the...

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How to Use Social Media to Dominate at Exhibitions

It’s no secret that exhibitions and trade shows can be fantastic marketing opportunities. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that many that many experience overwhelm when it comes to promoting their attendance.  I’m not suggesting trade show prep is a walk in the...

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Heartwork: The Ultimate Personalised Marketing Tool

Personalisation has been #trending in the marketing world for a while now. There’s good reason for it too! As we become time poor, do more with less and our attention spans shrink, we start looking for ways to shortcut, fastrack and improve how we do things. You’re...

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How To Pick The Best Stand Builder For You

When you are investing time and money into an event you need an exhibition stand builder that's going to help you put your best foot forward. Of course you want a display that's visually *schmicko*, but the aim of the game is to also achieve a good ROI and maximise...

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How to Effectively Plan Your Exhibit Strategy

If planning your exhibit strategy looks a lot like a blank sheet of butchers paper. Read on, my friend.Not everyone loves planning their trade shows as much as we do. I think mostly because the word "strategy" seems to complicate things, meaning something different to...

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Hello! I’m Jess the Tradeshow Strategist

The best part of my job is seeing that special moment when the penny drops for my clients. It’s seeing their faces the moment they realise they’re in control of the results they achieve.

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