How are you different to other stand builders?

Our first question isn’t “What’s your budget?”, but rather “What are you trying to achieve?”. Then we dig deeper to develop a design and strategy that is designed to achieve KPI’s we develop together.

Why are you talking to me about strategy? Don't you just build stuff?

Sure, we could just build a structure for you, but when we collaborate to produce a design that is created with your goals in mind, the results are far more impressive. It’s about having a fully integrated approach that steers the audience. When you partner with us, we align all aspects of the exhibit to work in harmony with the end goal in mind.

How can I sell this to my team?

The key to getting the team on board is in the early strategy alignment meeting. We encourage you to get them involved right at the beginning to ensure everyone pulling in the right direction. Then keep them informed at all stages of the process.

How much does an exhibition stand cost?

Once the Discovery Session is complete and we have determined what’s most important to you, we can provide recommendations for solutions to suit a variety of different price points. The reason why we work this way is so that our recommendations are in sync with your objectives. We are happy to keep designing until budget and design align. The strategy and implementation is to maximise your return on investment.

Why do we need KPI's for our exhibition?

If you don’t have a target, how do you know if the show was a success or not? By incorporating these into the plan from the beginning it’s much easier to get buy in from staff and management. Ensuring the exhibition stand is geared towards hitting these targets guarantees the success of the exhibition.

Will I have one point of contact?

Yes. You’ll have one principle point of contact, but on occasions you may be introduced to others in the team who have a specific skill set necessary for the implementation of the strategy. This will still be directed and controlled through your single contact.

What if I don't have the budget?

We can provide recommendations for solutions to suit a variety of different price points. For example, one suggestion might be to add elements to your existing exhibition stand over time as budget becomes available.

What results can I expect from a tradeshow?

  • Take orders
  • Arrange appointments
  • Obtain Qualified Leads
  • Move prospects forward in the sales cycle
  • Launch a new product

The results you can expect are determined by what you are hoping to achieve and the plan you put in place right at the beginning. This has to be linked to your KPI’s and taken into consideration right at the start of the design process. The days of attending a show for “Brand Awareness” are past.

Our corporate guidelines are very restrictive. How will you adhere to them?

Corporate guidelines are designed to maintain brand integrity across all mediums. Very few have specific exhibit guidelines. The important take away is that logo rules and colours are adhered to. There will be other elements such as brand culture and personality that need to be reflected in your design that need to be considered.

All of our exhibition designs come from overseas. Can you still help us?

Yes, however what works in an overseas market may not necessarily work in Australia. For example, attendees at a European tradeshow will come with the expectation of placing orders so the design would be geared to this. We can take the essence of the overall design and recreate it for the Australian market so that it is aligned with your objectives.

I don't want a reusable stand because I don't want the same look at each show

By designing an exhibition stand with a modular framework it can be installed in a variety of configurations with alternative cladding materials, you can easily make the exhibit look completely different at each event while still utilising the same base structure.

How can one exhibition stand be shared between different product groups?

Each product will have different display requirements, a modular stand will be developed that can be used in different configurations with elements unique to each product. There will be a need for a different look for each product which can be accomplished with alternative types of cladding and graphics.

Do you do graphics too?

We can, however most clients have their own graphic artist who is already familiar with their guidelines and their brand personality. They would already have a lot of digital assets that could be used so it is often more economical for them to produce the required material than bringing in an external company. In saying that, we like to be involved in briefing the design as exhibition graphics are different to any other medium, except perhaps outdoor signage.

I like your design, but I have some ideas myself. Can you include them?

Absolutely! We encourage this – You know your brand and your market much better than we do so we welcome feedback. Collaboration produces the best results.

I don't like the design. What now?

We are always happy to keep designing. We’re not precious about our ideas and sometimes knowing what you don’t want is a great help.

How long will an exhibition stand last?

You tell us how long you want it to last and we will design and construct an exhibit that will stand the test of time. We can alter the design, construction and packaging to meet the needs of the exhibit.

Can you also store our exhibition stand?

Yes. We prefer to store ourselves so we know the stand comes out of storage in the same condition as it goes in. It is also more cost effective if changes or modifications are required.

Can we store the exhibit ourselves?

We prefer you don’t. People with the best intentions have been known to borrow exhibit items and not return them. As a result, our policy is to open all crates to check everything is there before the next use and this will incur an additional fee.

Will you help with the forms?

Yes, we will look after all the forms that relate to the stand and will help you with others where possible.

Why do you need access to the exhibitor manual?

The exhibitor manual has stand design regulations, move in/out times, principle contractor, venue information, all of which is important in producing a design and accurate costing for you.

Do you have a factory?

No we don’t. This way we aren’t locked into a fixed overhead structure, which can increase costs or a particular way of building. It makes us more cost effective.

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