Creating engaging experiences for exhibitions can be done in so many ways, but we are huge fans of going digital to pique the interest of an audience because you can collect data in the background. (One step closer to tracking your ROI).

When business’s come to us wanting to go digital, one of the first things we do is bombard them with questions to make sure it isn’t a fruitless exercise. The goal for any exhibit experience should be for it to grab the attention of your audience (we love getting creative) but also move you towards your business objective too.

Whether you start with an initial idea or want to develop a whole new one, put in the time up front to make sure your idea stacks up.

Here are 6 questions to ask when developing awesome interactives:

  1. Does it serve a purpose? Is it working towards your goals?
  2. Is it enough to stop people in their tracks? Or is it part of a greater experience?
  3. Is your experience entertaining, but also enjoyable?
  4. Does it link back to your brand or key message in some way?
  5. Will the lasting impression remain positive?
  6. Would your audience tell others about it?


Forget food and drinks, they are great for entertaining and networking, but unlikely to hold the interest of people for long. Interactives at trade shows are becoming more important as a way of capturing new leads and standing out from the crowd.

The real magic happens when the interactive element aids in the process. If you can present people with an opportunity to have an experience with your brand, they are far more likely to remember you.

Get creative with your ideas before you settle on one! A security company could send visitors a key in the post before the show and encourage them to bring it to your stand. The winners keys unlock prizes. If you’re a creative accountant you could display a puzzle on a touch screen, with prizes for fast completion times. If you’re a toilet distributor why not entertain people with a “royal flush” poker themed photo booth inviting visitors to snap a picture of themselves, stamp it with your logo share it on social media.

People hate being sold to so by giving them a reason to drop their guard you’ll find it is one of the best ways to start a natural conversation. Another perk is that your staff may find they are more comfortable with an experienced based approach to guide visitors through.

There are safe options and there are ideas that are outside of your comfort zone that might promote a bit more excitement. Any idea will take prior planning and you’ll have to back yourself, but the responses you get on show day will be well worth your while.

A well-planned execution can see your message spread throughout the show. Managed correctly, interactives for trade shows often become talking points long after the doors close on the final day. If you would like help creating a memorable experience for your attendees, reach out if you would like to plan something truly exciting for your next event.


Yours in Exhibiting,