Sorry to offend anyone but a fish bowl full of business cards is absolutely cringeworthy. There are many reasons we are huge fans of digital lead capture. It’s better for sales, marketing and management.

Here are some other reasons to go digital:

  • No double handing of information as it gets imported directly into your CRM
  • Faster follow up post-show because you don’t need to manually enter every lead
  • Ability to collect much more information, including notes
  • Track your success throughout the event to see if any adjustments need to be made
  • Can distribute marketing material/requested content easily
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Let’s be honest, it portrays a business as professional and not working in the dark ages (again, sorry to offend anyone)

Most of the systems available have ways to qualify leads as you enter them. If you are offered something that just takes names and numbers without any means to qualify them, don’t bother. Go find another lead management system.

The goal is for your sales team to be able to easily target the hot leads who are ready to act immediately. Calling those people first takes the pressure off the team and gives them a few early wins.

Our expert advice is to always choose a lead management system that has the ability to run offline in case internet is patchy

Points to consider before selecting your lead tracking system:

  • How would you like to capture leads from the show – Scan badges, business cards, manual entry by staff or client?
  • How will you qualify leads?
  • What format would you like to use the system in? iPad, phone or larger multi-touch?
  • Do you need to present anything? 1-on-1 or mirror onto a screen?
  • Do you want to send out your marketing material – At the show or soon after? (Internet needed)
  • Track statistics – Do you need a full reporting system or are you OK with a spreadsheet?
  • Do you want an API link sending data straight to your CRM or are you OK exporting a CSV File?
  • Is it for the show only or will you use it beyond the event

In an effort to streamline the whole exhibition experience this type of technology should be integrated into your exhibition stand strategy. It needs to compliment how you plan to use the space and be easily adopted by your team. The ultimate goal is to have everyone presenting information in the same way, have access to all the information they could need and be able to follow up leads with minimal admin. Here are some great ideas for what to include in your custom touch screen.

We often customise interactive solutions for our clients to include all the things on their wish list using their existing marketing collateral. Our sister company, myTouchCreative has created some incredible digital solutions for clients.

The beauty of this approach is that you have already done a lot of the work in creating your content so it’s faster to get up and running than you think and it also looks on brand. We love integrating these into our exhibit strategies because they produce powerful results.

If you would like to learn more about a custom lead management solution, reach out for a demo today.