A forward-thinking company seeking a dynamic and adaptable exhibit that could accommodate various event configurations. This client had a clear vision: to create an engaging platform for showcasing their groundbreaking innovations. Their goal was not only to establish a strong brand presence at events but also to facilitate meaningful sales discussions.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to strike the perfect balance between creating a captivating brand presence the company would become known for and providing a conducive environment for sales discussions.

Our Approach:

With a laser-focused strategy tailored to their niche audience, we embarked on the journey of designing an exhibit that catered to the specific needs and preferences of their clientele. Our approach revolved around crafting a customer journey that would resonate with their target audience.

The Dynamic Video Wall: At the heart of the exhibit was a captivating large-format video wall. This centerpiece not only added movement to the booth but also served as an interactive canvas for highlighting the client’s most significant projects.

Interactive Touch Screen: Complementing the video wall, we incorporated an interactive touch screen as an intuitive tool for visitors to explore the client’s product offerings even when team members were engaged with other guests. As a sales tool if offering in-depth information at the team’s fingertips.

Hand-Held Touch Screens: To further enhance visitor engagement and facilitate seamless conversations, we equipped each team member with handheld touch screens. These devices ensured that the client’s representatives could effortlessly guide discussions and share information, no matter where they were on the stand or how busy they got, making the sales process smooth and efficient.

Meeting Space: Incorporated into the design was a glass enclosed meeting room for sales discussions with visitors that needed a little more privacy.

The Result:

Our client’s new exhibit achieved their goal of creating a standout brand presence that is recognisable at every exhibition they attend, but they also found that sales discussions flowed seamlessly in this innovative environment. The interactive touch screen is a tool that can be easily updated between events and helps reflect their commitment to excellence and innovation.