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Having gone through a name change, the exhibition was an opportunity for the business to showcase their new branding + get the word out. They really wanted the look launched at this first show to also be used across future events. We got creative with the design and used angles inspired by their new logo to create a structure that drew your eye in. Supplying a stand that can also be used in a 6×3 format in a lower height, means they can maintain a similar look + maintain the same standard of finishes at their upcoming shows.

We created 2 touch screen presentations to assist them in talking through the current business changes with delegates. In future these will be used for case studies and other key content that will assist the team with their discussions on the stand.

“The Exhibit Company were great at helping us to identify what we were doing wrong and providing the advice on how to improve the way we do exhibitions. They are professional, hardworking, very responsive, and obviously have a passion for what they do and the service they provide. Jess goes above and beyond and the attention to detail and care she puts in to making sure we had an amazing show is outstanding. Both Jess and Chris have really made this experience well worthwhile. Thank you!”

Mimi Mekdarasouk