​This Swiss pharmaceutical client is known for high end products that are a product of extensive research. They came to us looking for a custom exhibit design that adhered to their strict guidelines and reflected their position in the market as a trusted brand.

While the structure of this exhibition stand design is custom, it has been created for use in different configurations including 3×2, 3×2, 6×3 and 9×3 so they can repurpose the stand for the next 3 years of shows, while updating the graphics and messaging for different audiences.

Their most recent show was a great example of storytelling. They ran a promotion with the hashtag #BEElieveinGeistlich to highlight their involvement in supporting bee populations in 2021. It was important to reflect this in their design so we created a feature wall with model bees and greenery to compliment their KaiOra Manuka Honey giveaway. It was a great talking point for staff on the stand!

An impressive three screen line up of digital signage was on the back wall, controlled by a touch screen so they could change what was on display as needed. This allowed for staff to have more personalised discussions.