A prominent player in the intralogistics industry, specialises in the development of cutting-edge automated and integrated solutions tailored for manufacturers of consumer goods.


E80 aimed to make a significant impact at a recent industry exhibition in Australia. The challenge was to effectively showcase their innovative products and services, capture the interest of attendees and initiate meaningful conversations to nurture relationships.


E80 implemented a multi-faceted strategy to accomplish their goals:

Digital Signage Integration: E80 leveraged digital signage throughout their exhibition space to spotlight various aspects of their offerings. This engaging approach aimed to attract the attention of attendees and arouse their curiosity.

Engagement and Networking: The primary objective was to encourage visitors to interact with E80’s team members. By fostering a welcoming environment and offering opportunities for one-on-one discussions, E80 sought to initiate conversations that could potentially lead to valuable business relationships.


Attendees responded enthusiastically to E80’s engaging booth, demonstrating a keen interest in their intralogistics solutions. E80 successfully initiated meaningful conversations with a significant number of visitors, paving the way for future collaborations and partnerships.

E80’s participation in the exhibition yielded great results. The client, delighted with the outcome of the exhibition, is now considering expanding their presence at similar events in the coming year.