A prominent player in the pool industry, known for providing top-tier European solutions. They came to us wanting an exhibition stand that resonated with the upper echelon of the market. This particular event was chosen as the platform to unveil their latest product and establish connections with wholesalers. 

The Challenge: 

To produce a design that exuded sophistication while remaining open and approachable from all angles. They sought an exhibition stand that would minimize barriers to entry.  

Our Approach: 

With meticulous attention to detail, we embarked on the mission to design an exhibition stand that would embody the essence of European quality while creating an inviting atmosphere for all attendees. 

Premium Design: Our design approach was tailored to reflect the upper end of the pool industry, with an emphasis on premium aesthetics.  

Accessibility: We prioritised accessibility by minimizing barriers and creating an open and inviting space from all angles. Employing adjacent angles in our design allowed branding to be seen from all directions, created visual interest but also encouraged attendees to look inside the space and explore the offerings. 

Staff Training: Recognising the pivotal role of the team, we conducted staff training specific to exhibitions, equipping them with effective strategies and conversation starters to enhance their interactions with visitors. 

The Result: 

Our client’s exhibition stand radiated sophistication and European quality. Staff training played a pivotal role, as the team engaged visitors with confidence and purpose, maximizing the effectiveness of their interactions. The event served as an ideal platform for the launch of the new product and enabled fruitful connections with wholesalers.