After a break from trade shows, Bonfiglioli was looking forward to relaunching their presence in the market. Focused on a specific market segment to generate leads. Hailing from Europe, they were determined to encapsulate their European essence in their exhibition design, including a hospitality area. 

The Challenge: 

The challenge at hand was two-fold: relaunching their presence in a market they had been absent from for a while and delivering a design that authentically represented their European heritage. The exhibition stand had to be a showstopper, with a strong focus on aesthetics quality.

Our Approach: 

European Scale: To infuse the European essence into the design, we incorporated an impressive 4000mm wall that stood as a testament to their grand reentry into the market but also reflected the scale of what is common in Europe. 

Hospitality Area: The inclusion of a coffee machine hospitality area, also expected in European shows, was set on a custom counter adorned with an elegant honeycomb feature pattern, provided an inviting and engaging space for attendees.  

Attention to detail: Ensuring that every area prospects encountered exuded high quality was of paramount importance. This commitment to quality extended to every element of the design. From the first impression with the back wall signage, which was a raised honeycomb feature that was backlit with the company’s blue, to the custom gloss counter.

The Result: 

The outcome surpassed expectations. Our collaboration successfully relaunched our client into the market segment they had targeted, generating a wealth of leads and reestablishing their presence in the trade show circuit. 

The hospitality area provided a warm and engaging space for European hospitality and the honeycomb theme added a layer of visual intrigue, ensuring that the exhibition stand was both captivating and memorable.