Are You Too Busy?

If you ask anyone how they are there’s a good chance their response will be “busy“.

Our regular everyday REAL lives are now shared with our ONLINE counterparts.

We generally spend more time in the depths our inboxes than actually speaking to each other.

Work demands, social accounts and the “next new shiny thing” overshadow every thing we do.

There’s a constant sense of urgency.

We do everything in warp speed and expect answers back in REAL TIME.

Seriously, when did we start feeling “naked” because we weren’t carrying a phone?

The. World. Has. Changed.

A funny thing has happened though…

If you want more engagement at your next exhibition there’s one very important element people forget about.

Let’s call it the SECRET SAUCE OF EXPOS.

(Yeh yeh, Jess. Just tell me!)

We naturally gravitate towards experiences that break free of the daily BUSY.

Sure, we have access to countless specs, demos and product reviews at our fingertips, but consumers today expect to be entertained.

We all CRAVE authentic, fun, out-of-the norm experiences.

These are the ones that RISE ABOVE THE CLUTTER because of the fast pace of our lives now.

If we are going to allow ourselves a moment of indulgence, it’s going to be on something that STANDS OUT.

A traditional exhibition campaign doesn’t work anymore.

It’s too vanilla.

… It doesn’t even hold the gaze of the cleaners.

Bravery. Virgin America Style

This remains one of the best promotions I’ve ever seen!

And a great dose of inspiration for an exhibition campaign.

Virgin America took their flight safety video to the next level.

They transformed something that’s traditionally boring (and let’s be real, only watched by people deathly frightened of flying), into something that 6 MILLION PEOPLE wanted to watch.

Even if they didn’t fly with them.

Try watch only 30 seconds of it…   If you’re anything like me, I wasn’t able to pull myself away!

(If you’re in the mood for more inspo).

Exhibitions remain at the FOREFRONT of experiential marketing.

People commit to attending then they walk around actually looking to build relationships with business’s.

Put simply, no other channel facilitates this…

What an opportunity to amplify your message!

Valuable Takeaways

No topic is too tired/boring for a revamp – Hello, look what they did with a flight safety video!

How can you ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE your audience at a trade show?

As exhibition stand builders we love taking outside experiences and bringing them to the exhibition hall. It stands out and Virgin America did the same.

As an extension of your brand, what do you want your exhibit to SAY ABOUT YOUR BRAND?

How can you get people talking? This video is a fantastic example of extending the life of a campaign outside its original purpose.

Did you seriously wake up this morning and put “watch flight safety video” on your to-do’s?

If you want to get a busy person to prioritise you at a exhibition, you need to give them a good enough reason

How can you integrate with other marketing channels? Maybe you’re offering something of value that can be shared to your greater network beyond the show?

There has never been a better time to get creative – I promise you, you’ll outshine your competition (only if you’re game to try).

People are begging for different.

How will you stop a busy person in their tracks at the next exhibition you attend?

If you would like help rising above the clutter, get in touch to arrange a discovery call.

Yours in Exhibiting,


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P.S. Back to the video… I bet you watched to the end didn’t you?