Exhibit rigging can be a huge expense. It can quite literally suck up a great chunk of your budget so it’s worthwhile exploring if it’s actually the right option for you. We all want to stand out from the crowd at an exhibition and one of the ways to do this can be to take advantage of the real estate overhead. But is the added cost actually worth it?

Let’s first talk through the different types of rigging you will see at your average trade show event. There are a vast range of hanging signs and banners on the market that you can slap a logo on and raise about your booth. Aside from the stock standard options available, your exhibit supplier may design something custom or a more organic shape that captures the attention of visitors. Then at the other end of the spectrum you might see a rigged creation that runs the full perimeter of your stand. Each have merit and there is certainly an argument for including any of these in your installation but when weighing up your options is an important part of determining your exhibit strategy.

Thought:  You want your stand to be seen from afar!
Reality: Truthfully, being seen is actually a bit of a lottery

You may be designing your perfect exhibit but remember that you have zero control of what is built around you. Your neighbours could very well hang banners at exactly the same height. In some shows we see a height war where everyone is competing to capture each visitors eye line. This can mean that it’s not as straightforward as having a hanging sign and standing out. When rigging becomes a competitive tool it can mean that your sign gets blocked completely and isn’t really seen from across the hall.

It’s good to remember that the aim of a trade show is to make people want to come seek you out. This should be the foundation of your strategy designed to drive traffic to your exhibit. You can’t rely on a rig alone for people to see and know where you are. Think outside of the box and seek out other ways to promote yourself pre-show and during the show that will ensure that visitors are excited to stop by your booth.

Thought: Surely we need exhibit rigging for lighting our stand properly?
Reality: There are clever alternative ways to achieve this

When it comes to lighting your stand don’t just assume that rigging is the only way to go. Yes, there are advantages to having your lighting rigged and if you have a really big stand then this is a no brainer. However, some venues may not even have any rigging points (if rigging is vital to your stand then make sure you check this out before signing any kind of venue contracts for trade shows).

If you have a stand area that is 6×6 or below then you might not really need rigged lighting and in fact you need to consider the costs of rigging and whether your budget allows for it. Thumping great big flood lights aren’t always the best anyway – Creating areas of light and shade can make a viewing experience for visitors. If you’re looking at ramping up your trade show ROI, here are some of the other unexpected ways you could be stuffing up your ROI.

Other ways to introduce lighting to brighten your exhibit and make sure it is welcoming. Backlighting graphics, lightboxes, downlights built into your structure and LED strip lighting are all alternatives to the stock standard arm lights.

Thought: Rigging frames our stand design nicely and makes it look polished
Reality: Is it worth the extra coin? How big is your stand?

Yes, hanging signs and exhibit rigging defintiely can ramp up the ‘wow’ factor and help establish your booth space. By adding messaging and design elements you can create a bolder branding message overall but with more and more organisers stipulating minimum and maximum heights to control what’s happening overhead, you may find that visitors are almost on top of your stand before they can see it. Here are the 6 most common exhibit design mistakes to avoid.

Where this type of rigging works really well is when the floor space is used up. Either you are displaying a lot or your products are large. Sounds totally backwards, but framing your stand space with a rigging actually grounds your design and helps delineate your area. In this instance we thoroughly support rigging and feel it’s a valuable addition to a design.

When it comes to hanging your exhibit rig, the installation cost will vary at each different venue due to the location of the rigging points. This means you could be at the same show, on a different position on the floorplan and the cost may vary due to the placement of the rigging points and the accompanying ease (or difficulty) of hanging your rig.

If you are looking to make the most of your booth stand design and want honest expert advice that focuses on your specific requirements, call for a quick chat.