In the past this company had trouble speaking with the right audience also the design they had made it hard to serve visitors as it was very blocked off. This year they really wanted to up the ante and be seen as the cool kids on the block who give honest advice to installers of integration equipment (their target market). The company had a limited budget to play with but were willing to work harder with their strategic direction. 

We crafted a design that was unusual for the tech space to help turn heads and hold a visitors attention. Opting for a structure made of scaffolding, pallets and industrial-look finishes incorporating graphics with corrugated iron and exposed brick to continue the rebellious theme. 

We worked with the team to develop a bold key message: “Install and don’t go back”, which targets a key frustration for installers who constantly return to tend to inferior products. The team really came together and backed the key message. The conversations they had were more focused and the stand became a platform for sales discussions.