When you are investing time and money into an event you need an exhibition stand builder that’s going to help you put your best foot forward. Of course you want a display that’s visually *schmicko*, but the aim of the game is to also achieve a good ROI and maximise your impact at trade shows.

The thing is, with so many companies out there it’s not always easy to know which is the right one to go with. There’s a lot at stake when designing a stand and it certainly goes beyond putting your logo onto a backdrop.

Expert designers will ensure that your display has an original design and quality finishes to boot.

Don’t stop there in your quest for the perfect supplier!

You want one who know what works in an exhibition environment (and what doesn’t). To get cut through you’ll need to deliver your company message and brand with impact. The aim is to grab hold of the of your visitors attention and stop them in their tracks.

So how do you find a stand builder that you can trust? You know they’ll get the job done and one who’ll help you deliver on your objectives? Here are our top tips to keep front of mind when picking a stand builder.

1/ Is your loyalty costing you visitors?

Do you already have a stand builder that you work with, but your results aren’t particularly great? Don’t let your loyalty to a particular stand builder hold your company back from making an even bigger impression at your next show.

Sure, you need to have a great working relationship with your exhibit builder but you also need to make sure that they are creative, think outside of the box and notice the little things that you don’t.

I get it. If you’re familiar with a supplier, the thought of swapping to another can seem a bit daunting. (I got the sweats just thinking about swapping tax accountants because I couldn’t bare the idea of going through everything again. Long term, a more creative accountant makes the hassle worthwhile, but at the time if felt like a mammoth task). 

You want a company that looks beyond the design and also brings into play your strategy, objectives and considers the return on investment too.

2/ Find a team to take you to the next level

You may know exactly how you want your stand to look and feel, but surrounding yourself with the right team is what catapults your exhibition stand to the next level.

They should 100% take the time to learn about your ethos and your objectives for the show. Aside from introducing creative ideas with their design solutions, they should also be able to bridge the line between creative and practical. This is the expertise you really want!

An experienced team will be able to work with any design limitations and help you find a way to still meet objectives.

This could be things such as as the stand allocation space, size of your trade stand, height restrictions or even the time you have to build the stand. All can impact what you can realistically design (and install).

An experienced company won’t be shy in making recommendations or offering out-of-the-box-solutions offering out of the box solutions because they know the value they can add to your stand. They should pick up on the finer details and offer practical recommendations for everything from lighting and logistics to layout and technology.

3/ Always go for a full-service package

You want to choose a company that see your design through from concept to completion. As we like to say, this means you have “one bum to kick”.

But in all honesty, it just makes everything more streamlined when you have one contact overseeing the entire process. This makes it easier to ensure deadlines are met, the finish is to a high standard and any changes are communicated quickly and actioned.

4/Are they in demand?

An accomplished stand builder, who’s good at what they do will have a steady flow of projects for new and existing clients. They’ll be able to create stands for a huge range of different brands and industries and each design should be unique to the key goal of that company.

A quick look at their website or portfolio will tell you whether they recycle the same designs or whether each stand is truly custom and designed with the individual clients needs in mind.

Want help finding the ultimate stand builder for you? Download the free checklist below to see how your candidates measure up.

Yours in Exhibiting,

Jessica Turnbull
Tradeshow Strategist
0417 468 487