A good exhibition stand can feel like a balancing act between your marketing teams ambitions, the budget and the space you have available. However space should never be a limiting factor when it comes to your stand design.

The design of your exhibition stand is crucial, whether you have a successful show or not. You need to think about the big picture and the purpose of your stand, rather than thinking about things like storage for the teams bags or where your free gifts are going to go. So before you start designing your space ask yourself these 3 vital questions:

Is the layout conducive to conversations?

One of the big things you want to consider is how your space will flow. Is the goal of your exhibition stand to have more conversations? If so how does this translate to the physical stand space? Maybe you need to have little to no seating so that you can have a faster turnaround of people having conversations with your team.

Want to be having more in depth conversations? Then make sure you allow ample room for people to actually fit in your space and don’t over clutter.

If your exhibition stand needs to accommodate all the different types of conversation your sales people will have then an experienced stand builder will help you to create something versatile and ticks all your boxes. They should suggest design features to help you to maximise your space, helping you to include all the necessary features while keeping everything free-flowing and open.

Do people get what you do before arriving on your exhibition stand?

Make sure that people get what you do before arriving on your stand. Have appropriate signage that is clearly branded but simple. You have to be clear on your messaging so avoid cluttering a stand with overly busy graphics or text which can turn visitors off.

If you have a stand showing multiple products or with different zones then make sure that the zones on your stand are clearly marked out and if you have a call to action it is clear for visitors to understand your different offerings and what is expected of them.

Do you need all those staff?

More staff doesn’t necessarily equate to more sales so don’t fall into the trap of cluttering up your stand with bodies. Make sure that the staff you have on the exhibition stand really represent your company to it’s best and know how to interact with your visitors.

We recommend the following If you have a 3×3 – 1-2 people max. 6×3 – max of 3 people, 6×6 – depends on the floorplan but around max. 4-5 people

When it comes to your stand design we always recommend less is more. Don’t over clutter or over fill your stand. You don’t want to create an us Vs them vibe. In fact in Australia we have found that the more casual, open and inviting stands work the best.

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Yours in Exhibiting,