JK Rowling sure knows how to captivate an audience. Now worth an estimated $14 million (Forbes.com), the authors best selling books were made into films & now she is back with a teaser schooling us in exactly how to create hype before an event.

Rowling’s teaser of her next project may appear a simple action. The reality is that each time she creates another touch point with fans she reinstates the spell cast upon them. She is reviving memories & feelings of past interactions her followers have had with her works.

Too many believe the exhibition world is unlike any other, secluded in a bubble, a static un-changing environment. This couldn’t be further from the truth as we live in a world tainted by marketing geniuses that vie for your attention. The truth being that not evolving to work smarter could sadly prove to be a liability.


Lesson’s from JK Rowling in how to create an exhibit strategy:

  • Take time to plan your exhibit strategy. Don’t just look at the next hurdle. Look at all your exhibitions, events, product launches & upgrades to see how you can incorporate compelling campaigns.
  • Dust off your wand – Take a fresh look at your offering & find ways to reinvigorate it to your target market.
  • Assess what works – She knows what works & is announced last year that she will create a spin off series set in the Harry Potter world.
  • Plot your empire – She has seen areas for expansion including toys, video games, band-aids & jelly beans. Forbes.com describes Rowling’s empire as a “treasure chest of intellectual property that any media firm could buy”.
  • Create hype around your event – Each book & movie had major advertising. Make your target market aware of new products. Give them a reason to invest their time & them to identify with your brand.

I urge you not to get stuck in your ways, but to seek inspiration from the outside world. Magic is all around us (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)