During the brief return of trade shows in 2021, we walked away with two interesting takeaways. Attendance numbers were lower than normal (expected) but the quality of those visitors was at an all-time high. With less people walking the aisles, those manning the stands didn’t have to work as hard to sift through the crowds to find prospects. They had better quality conversations and all who exhibited reported fantastic outcomes and collected quality leads at their trade shows. Not to mention the camaraderie that went with being in attendance too!

There is still some hesitancy amongst exhibitors and attendees while we all enjoy an uncertainty hangover. However, as past behaviour often predicts future, we are expecting great opportunities for those who brave exhibiting in the new year.

This doesn’t mean that as restrictions ease again and the shows pour back into the 2022 calendar that you’re guaranteed to get incredible results just by showing up. You definitely need a game plan, but it’s time to shake it up and position yourself to capitalise on the current climate. And what a wonderful opportunity it is!

What does all this mean for exhibiting in 2022?

Firstly, you need a solid strategy for making sure people show up. Your stand will need to be good at delivering your key point of difference and with more decision makers in attendance you don’t won’t to overdo it on the “fluff”.

How scary is this? 60% of leads at trade shows are not followed up.
Have you ever been to an event where you have left your details, genuinely wanted a follow up and it never came? Worse still, you’re really annoyed because you can’t remember who they are!

91% of exhibitors say they struggle with leads at trade shows. Whether they struggle to attract the right audience, engage them at the show or capture and qualify those leads. These are big numbers.

Case Study // Leidos Australia

Leidos came to us looking for an easy to implement way to track leads and share their information with prospects.

We produced a QR code for this client that had a dual purpose. It was designed for visitors to request information but we also included a hidden page with prompt for staff to add notes to help with their follow ups. We linked to their CRM allowing for prompt follow up after the event.

The new-found popularity of QR Codes off the back of Covid check-ins made it a great choice for facilitating a lead capture strategy at Land Forces 2021.

This type of lead tracking solution bucks the norm. Leidos found they collected more qualified leads (this was due to the ease of leaving more information). The quality of the information collected was much higher because the staff were able to personalise each entry.

Chris and Jess have always done an incredible job in building trade stands for Leidos. I always loved the way you would come up with innovative ways to display capability – Hamish Lardi, Marketing Manager, Leidos Australia

We can host these landing pages for clients and can provide options for either a spreadsheet download or importing directly into your CRM. It will be incredibly important to have solid systems and strategies in place that supercharge your attendance in 2022.

If you have your first event locked in, let’s talk! You can book a time in our calendars using the links below ?

Yours in Exhibiting,

Jess & Chris

If you have your first event locked in, let’s talk! You can book a time in our calendars using the links below.

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