Technology has greatly transformed the way we do business and these innovations are making us far more productive.  Apart from the ease of getting things done, the changes we are seeing are also having an impact on how we interact with customers.

When it comes to marketing, persuading the consumer or client to take interest in your business can be very tricky. You have to use everything in your arsenal to keep get their attention because we are learning to block out unnecessary noise.

Touch screen devices are the future of business. Nowadays, almost every single mobile device you see is equipped with a touch screen and we are all quite capable of using them. The reason is simple; touch screens are the future. They are intuitive to use and how we use them is constantly evolving.  I was explaining a concept to a business partner at a trade show recently, and as I whipped out my iPad to show him a picture of what I was explaining. All of this was done within just a couple of seconds, and I was able to explain the concept effortlessly. Afterwards I reflected on how difficult it would have been had I needed to test my drawing skills and not had a touch screen device.

Touch screen devices really have become the new trend in marketing. From touch screen computers to iPads, mobile devices, work boards, tabletop displays and much more. This form of technology has completely taken over every form of device that we own these days. I will be explaining why touch screen technology is the new trend in marketing.

4 Reasons Why “Touch Screens” Are The New Trend In Marketing


Touch screen devices bring a certain ease to marketing that just doesn’t exist elsewhere. Imagine trying to explain the features of your product to a client in an exhibition or trade show and you are flipping through the pages of one big brochure. Apart from the fact that you have most likely lost the visitors attention with the time it takes to flip through those pages, it’s also an extremely cumbersome task. Touch screen technology allows us to simply touch and swipe and your job is done. It is as easy as that.


When it comes to marketing a product or service, it is important to always remember that every second counts. Every moment that is spent delaying is giving the client an opportunity to change his or her mind. So like I explained earlier, when you spend that amount of time flipping through pages of your company’s catalog to show a consumer a product to buy, you are giving them the chance to change their mind. In a survey conducted by Tech Sling, it showed that a touch screen has the ability to speed up business tasks by as much as 20%. If you are an entrepreneur, you appreciate that 20% is a large chunk to forgo. Scrolling on a touch screen is a lot quicker to do than using a computer mouse and also reduces the amount of things that your brain has to do, freeing you up to hold better conversations with your prospect.

Touch Screens Save Space

Instead of hauling heavy brochures to an event, that may or may not be used (and might be outdated any minute), why not make use of a simple touch screen device? Aside from reducing printing and transport costs you will also be able to update them easily as your brochures require you to.

Gives You The Sophisticated Look

Lets face it. There is something smooth and sophisticated about using these touch screen devices. Since first impressions are what matter in business, you are more likely to close a deal when you look to be embracing change and ahead of the pack. Subliminally, the client already feels like they are in the right place, talking to the right people. This makes them more receptive to any product or service that you are marketing to them.

Apart from the sophisticated look, touch screen devices make it a lot easier to execute business. This is why they have become such a trend in marketing. In every trade show, business conference or exhibition, you are likely to see people operating touch screen devices, and this is because of how effective they are.