Over the last month we have attended 2 shows. DesignEx & HIA Home Show. We left details, entered competitions and were genuinely interested in learning about many of the products at both shows. To this day we have still not heard a peep from anyone. Yes, you read correctly! Not a single business has contacted us… Where is the love?

Warning – I’m back on my soap box. Exhibits do work! 
Before rolling your eyes and thinking that I’m repeating myself, read on. If people get behind them properly and go back to the basics of customer service they will likely roll over with shock. When they tighten their exhibition lead management they might not only get better results but be able to benchmark the success of their shows.

This just goes to show there is a massive call for good customer service. I think people need to really need to take a good look at how they manage their campaigns before they say exhibits don’t work. It’s shameful that people say exhibitions don’t work when they are incapable of communicating with the market they were desperately trying to attract in the first place. 

What an opportunity!

Going through these shows was a real eye opener. There were people doing really well out of them, mingling & chatting away with visitors, but for every one of them there was also a few who were sitting down looking listless & unapproachable. Would you walk up to a bored, tired person who had “Back Off” oozing from their body language & plastered all over their face?

I can’t stress how essential it is to plan your strategy for lead management beyond the show. Too many focus their attention on the structure without spending time deciding on how leads are to be handled. Is this not the true reason why you are attending in the first place?

Interesting facts to Lynch Exhibits Inc and In4med Corp:

  • 98% collect leads, but less than 70% have a plan for how they are followed up
  • 47% track leads generated at a trade show through the sales cycle
  • 28% measure the number of leads that ultimately convert to sales as part of their exhibit programs’ ROI
  • Only 34% have a lead scoring process to prioritise follow up
  • Only 18% use surveys to qualify leads

If you haven’t got a plan in place, work with your stand builder to fine tune your operation. Think of what it’s costing you not to…