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Most would assume this is a great problem to have. Unless you are a new the market and looking to grow your list, not everyone wants to come home from a show with a list of names longer than an 8 year old’s Christmas wish list. This can be a little overwhelming to the best of us!

Today I want to share a few strategies with you for overcoming this issue and how to approach lead capture with a little more intention.

Pick the right Lead Capture Strategy

Firstly, if you have the issue of too many leads to follow up after a show, you’re clearly doing something to capture the attention of your audience, which is great! But if you’re asking people to dump business cards in a fish bowl to win an iPad, I want to be clear that this isn’t a qualified lead. I would never recommend any of my clients to do this kind of giveaway because it creates a lot of work with an extremely low conversion rate. You’re basically giving away $1000 to a stranger walking by in the street. Who in their right mind would do theat?

If the quality of your leads isn’t up there, then I would re-think your strategy. There is no point being busy for the sake of being busy! Find something more targeted so you’re wisely spending your time to a select audience of potential customers.

Is it Achievable?

Ensure you have a qualification process you can do on show day. Don’t over complicate things. If you try to get a sensus document filled out on the booth you will limit the number of people you can get through and you will annoy those who attempt it.

Qualifying on the day will help you to communicate with your larger audience after the event in a timely manner. You will have a targeted hit list of “hot” leads to contact first. The others can go on a nurture campaign until they are ready to consider a purchase. This type of approach will help you tailor your communications to suit the customer, making it a much more pleasant experience for the both of you!

Use a lead capture solution

These are worth their weigh in gold.

I’m a huge fan of the tech type lead tracking systems and favour them over paper based forms every day of the week! There is nothing worse than waiting for someone to shuffle through their papers. Or worse still, a company not calling you because your details were misplaced or haven’t yet been entered into their system after returning from an exhibition.

Picking the right system for you is also important. Ask yourself how you want to interact with your customers? What will best showcase your product and will the conversation flow naturally? Do you want to be able to zap a code and move onto the next or would you like the customer to be able to self-direct on a touch screen and leave details themselves?

I like systems like the InfoTracker App, which has been around for a long time so you have great support and you can turn any iPhone into a scanner. Touch screen solutions are great and we have been customizing these for clients a lot lately. Every solution is different because it has to cater for an individual company. They are way more cost effective than you might think – If you want to find out more, get in touch with us here.

Whatever you decide, make sure you pick a solution that allows you to rank contacts and write a little personal note. Everyone loves to feel valued and remembering the little details makes your contact feel valued when you speak to them and you remember who they are so you can pick up right where you left off.