HMPS is a well-known brand in the packaging industry, so at Auspack 2019, their main concern was how to showcase their wide range of packaging solutions from end-of-line packaging to complete production lines. 

While they had a leading-edge product on display at the front of the stand, the core focus of their custom exhibit was to draw people into their space and build relationships as their sales cycle is quite long.

We provided 3 alternative seating/meeting areas – A semi-private meeting room, tables and chairs in the heart of the stand along with bar tables and stools for more casual discussions.

The combination of tall walls in their brand colours allowed the stand to be visible from the far end of the show and we designed the space in a way that created a welcoming environment. This was achieved by keeping the space open on all sides as well as a ceiling feature which acted to lower sight lines and make it more comfortable when they made it onto the stand.