Australian Vintage came to us looking to elevate their Tempus Two brand across their trade events.  It was important that the brand was positioned as a premium one so the design we created was of grand proportions and high-quality finishes to reflect their product and the diverse range of wines they offer.

The exhibit might be small, but boy did it pack a punch!

The amphitheatre effect worked in conjunction with the backlit graphics to draw eyes into their booth space, while key design features such as the cantilevered bottle display and copper finishes reinforced that the brand is premium and establish a brand experience that truly was a 3D representation of who they are.

Inspired by their cellar door and infusing with copper highlights that the brand is known for, produced an impressive effect that gave them a lot of positive feedback at each of the shows it was installed at in 2019; Coles, ILG and IBA.