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Beckman Coulter – ICI 2016

This client wanted to take their exhibiting to the next level. They wanted to create a distinct look that could be rolled out in different sizes for all their events. We knuckled out how a design that could be reworked + re-branded as needed.

The combination of clean lines + specifically promoting 1 key message across a well executed campaign meant this client deserved to return home with a record number of leads.


“The Exhibit Company has been nothing but outstanding!  They treated our brand/company as an individual: they were flexible; understood our needs from the start; worked within our limited budget; delivered an outstanding product; and, gave foresight for the extra touches – something that only comes with truly caring for the client and extensive experience.  I can’t recommend them more highly!

Our first conference using them, we generated over 300% more leads than any other event we have done – I’m not saying this is solely contributed to the booth… but the correlation is pretty strong!”

Jason Dickman

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