It’s no wonder the long serving staff, hotels & nearby restaurants were mortified to find out it was to be demolished & rebuilt over a 3 year period.. The Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre has been home to our $100 million a year industry for almost 20yrs.

What does this mean for Exhibitors? Visitors? Organisers?
Thankfully the government have allowed a temporary structure to be raised at one of it’s working ports, Glebe Island.

My initial thoughts were that the new venue’s difficult access & geographic location would deter both sides from wanting to exhibit, but for all the negative points I came up with, I was able to see some extremely positive ones too…

We recently we had 3 clients in an exhibition in Darwin & all 3 felt the show was an outstanding success due to the fact that the venue was isolated from the distracting pull of familiar surroundings. The temperature outside the venue discouraged visitors from leaving the comforts of air-conditioning & in doing so made them a captive audience. I’m hoping the Glebe Island venue will have a similar impact.

Yes, getting to the Glebe Island venue will seem like a task to some. There’s talk of around 400 car spaces on site with overflow parking facilities down the road with shuttle buses from Central Station. But, Sydney-siders like their cars. The alternative is to catch a ferry (Captain Cook Cruises have been appointed) from Darling Harbour. My initial thoughts were that people will be reluctant to do the ferry ride, but after being invited aboard to test the journey I have changed my mind. There is definitely something majestic about seeing the city from the unique vantage point on the harbour & the 6min journey breezes by before I’m ready to disembark.

Some organisers will elect to host their shows in the some of the cities alternative venues such as, Sydney Showground, Moore Park’s Horden Pavilion, Australian Technology Park, Luna Park, Turf Clubs & Hotels, but for the larger shows needing the floor space & proximity to the CBD, I believe that the Glebe Island venue will be a good option.

Reed Exhibition’s will be the first to host a show at the new venue with their Gift Fair in February 2014. Whilst many hold their breath in anticipation, I think we will find that once people commit to going to Glebe Island they will spend longer at the shows, which will ultimately be a good opportunity for those exhibiting to get more time with attendees (yes, more selling opportunities!).

Good Summary Video (Thanks Infrastructure NSW)

To find out more check out the official link:
Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island