A personal account from our lovely project manager, Petra Hanson. Put simply, she is the travel queen – If there is anyone qualified to share travel tips, it’s her! Petra has been clocking up the kms installing projects for our clients and has come back with some brilliant tips and insights for travelling during Covid times.

Even the most experienced travellers can be a little miffed at what the new rules are and how it can impact their travel plans. While regulations are constantly changing, Petra’s tips will help guide you in what to expect and how to make your journey more pleasant and hopefully hassle-free.

Hi, Petra here!

These tips are based on my own experiences travelling with Covid regulations. They are by no mean the definitive guide to travelling but hopefully remove any unnecessary travel anxiety as they prepare you for your next adventure.

Before you jet off

First thing is to download every state’s Covid app. I have more Covid apps than games on my phone and every state needs you to QR into every venue, restaurant, cafe, supermarket, train station etc. It’s annoying but being prepared will save you time at the other end.

Then go to every state’s government website to see if you need border passes and view current restrictions.

Pack lots of masks and sanitiser.  This is actually pretty standard issue now – Most of us are so used to this now that you’re more likely to forget your actual safety gear, like vests and enclosed shoes for site!


Travel tips

I really miss the self-serve lolly jars at the Qantas lounge. You have to pretend not to be greedy since whatever buffet you go to these days is no longer self-serve.

Weird things to miss aside from buffets are the Qantas magazine on the plane. Just feels weird without them.

Once you get to where you’re going, you’ll possibly be confronted by police at the airport. Don’t think you’re going to witness any exciting take downs. They are there to check your border pass, your temperature (always interesting to know) and generally tick boxes.

Wear your mask on the plane, taxi, public transport. If you’re smart on the plane, you will drink for the entire flight so as to avoid wearing a mask and proceed to get exceedingly drunk (I have to work so refrain from this enjoyment).

And whatever you do… repress every little cough or sneeze. If you’re nervous about this happening to you, doesn’t hurt to take an anti-histamine (by no means is this medical advice) but it could help you avoid the awkward smile and eye-roll combo that everyone seems to have mastered since Covid germs became a thing.


Hotel tips

It’s probably worth mentioning that you may need to adjust your accommodation expectations. Forget staying at your favourite hotel, it’s probably being used as a quarantine station!

Still, the hotels are cheap and so are your flights. However, you can expect to be fleeced by taxis and the like as they probably haven’t worked in a year and they’ve forgotten where everything is too. (I got more than my share of missed turns on a recent trip to Perth).

If you don’t like destroying the environment, don’t eat or leave the hotel room more than necessary because you will be forced to drink from plastic cups, eat with plastic cutlery and use every manner of disposable goods.


People have changed

This may be a bonus if you are anti-social, but you won’t have to worry about conversations with cab drivers. No one talks anymore because the masks make it difficult. Also, give up trying to wear sunglasses as they’re perpetually fogged up.

By the time you get to the expo itself, all these trivial things will fade into the background as you chat with people you haven’t seen in person in a year and laugh at how fat and lazy you’ve all become. Topics for discussion mostly revolve around Covid, vaccines and people you know who have had/suspected they had Covid.

To end these travelling during Covid times tips I feel it’s worthy to mention the Camaraderie. It’s bloody strong and it’s everywhere in the trade show halls! We are all so grateful to be back at work, doing what we love again.  There is an enormous sense of community and people are actually grateful to be there instead of their own home-offices.

Has anything caught you off guard while travelling recently? Any more tips to share?

Yours in Exhibiting,