Australia is not only a country with great people that have a unique and laid back lifestyle, it is a country where business, commerce, arts and lifestyle thrives. With a number of great events all year round, you will never get bored in Australia. There are a wide range of events you can attend this year, from fintech to trade shows and exhibits, to even music festivals, Australia is never short of activity. You can have a lot of fun if you are in Australia for the first time. This is the perfect haven for people who like to go out and have a good time. In this article, I will be taking you through the to 10 events you must see in Australia this 2016. Now this list is not dedicated to just just one particular sector, as I will be writing on all kinds of events ranging from Fintech to theatre. I will be giving you the juicy scoop on whats hot in Australia this year.


6 Events To Attend In Australia This 2016

The FinTech Panel:

The FinTech Panel on how Australian Startups are changing the Financial Sector is holding at the York Conference Centre in Sydney and it promises to be an amazing one. Startups are the future of every country, and attention must be paid to these small businesses if they are ever going to thrive. In recent times, the amount of startup companies around Australia has increased drastically, and Disruptive Startups, a company that is aiming to take startups to the next level is hosting this amazing event. This is the perfect avenue for people to come together and speak about the Fintech industry in Australia. The event is also targeted at displaying how innovation is taking the financial sector of the country to a whole new level.

NewFinance’ Open Mic Night:

Another great event that was a must to attend this year was the NewFinance’ Open Mic Night. This is an inaugural open mic night that was held in Sydney. Similar events promise to be a mix of displays and presentations. They are the perfect avenue for people that are keen on doing a little bit of networking. They are designed to help people in the financial sector mingle and speak about work. If you like to have a little bit of fun, this event was probably a perfect one for you.

Music Festivals:

Australia also has some pretty amazing Music Festivals with bright lights and cameras flashing. For example the “Splendour in the Grass 2016” music festival that’s being held from July 22nd-24th 2016:

Splendour in the grass Australia

Splendour in the Grass Australia

And the StereoSonic music festival that’s usually held during the end of November or the beginning of December. You can also visit one of the classic music festivals that are hosted in Sydney, Australia. It is even more fun when you go with friends. If you like loud music, and wouldn’t mind losing it for a night, this is yours.

StereoSonic Music Festival Australia


Australia Day:

Every year January 26th 2016, Australia Day is also one spectacular yearly event that you must see when you are in the country. If you are a tourist, this will fill you with awe. With barbeques, drinks and such a laid back environment, this event celebrates the essence of Australian culture.

Australia Day Fireworks

Australia Day Fireworks

TradeShows & Exhibitions:

You can also visit one of our tradeshows and exhibits for a truly great time. All year round, we host trade shows for different industries including technology, finance and lots more. For example the AustralAsian Gaming Expo 2016 that’s scheduled for Aug. 09 – 11, 2016 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

Gaming Expo Sydney Australia

Gaming Expo Sydney Australia

Our trade shows are a driver of innovation and we like to celebrate the companies and business owners that are able to think outside the box. A trade show is a great place for you to meet and mingle with people that are just as passionate about your industry as you are. So for example, if you are a software developer, attending one of our tradeshows on software development will give you the chance to mingle with other people that share similar interests as you. Or if you’re a home improvement enthusiast, you may want to attend the Melbourne Home Show 2016 that’s from the 18th to the 21st of August.

Home Improvement Event Australia

Home Improvement Event Australia

Similar events also give you the opportunity to meet with new customers and open new business for yourself.

Global Innovative Youth Conference:

If you are a young, do not feel left out. There are a lot of interesting business events that hold in Australia through out the year. The Global Innovative Youth Conference was held in Brisbane, Australia, and was truly a sight to behold. With numerous lessons being taught on entrepreneurship, young people finally got the chance to meet and mingle with their mentors in their respective industries. This event is a driver of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. 

With all of these great events all year round in Australia, you will never get bored. Whether you are taking a trip to see the wildlife, or you are attending a corporate event, Australia will always have something for you.

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